What Eyes Can’t See


Barbara Washington has always lived a privileged lifestyle, and has always had a plan. Things changed dramatically when she walked in on her fiancé with another woman in their bed. While on a vacation, she meets an amazing and handsome man named Sebastian. They click immediately… until they don’t. Barbara is up for a promotion at work and ready for the challenges. While attending the announcement, Barbara is shocked to hear Sebastian’s name for her position. Both try to figure out the whys of the decisions made, always coming back to the same result. Can they find a way to work around the challenges, or will the great divide keep them separated in their different worlds?

“What Eyes Can’t See” is an eye-opener reflecting on life of a black female working twice as hard to keep up with the male counterparts in corporate law. The main characters are both strong and independent, and show growth from their pasts to their now ‘adulting’. The flaws that Barbara realizes about her upbringing and the ‘correct’ ways to lead her life are well portrayed. The discovery about her father and his secrets are slightly overstated and churn on a bit longer than necessary. The life that Barbara is meant to live is rewarding after paying her dues in a ‘good ole boys’ arena. The interracial relationship is eloquently described and thoughtfully developed. Ms. Stout has a knack for shedding light on an area that all too often is overlooked.

Viola Robbins