Web of Lies (Goddesses in Love Book 4)


FANTASY: Arachne is tangled up in a degenerating curse and web of her own secrets. Eons ago, Arachne traded places with her twin and voluntarily took on the other woman’s curse so that her sister could be happy. But the time she spends each night in a monster’s body has been gradually increasing. Soon Arachne may no longer be human! Maybe it’s her own fault. As Arachne made peace with spending her nights as a spider, and her weaving of gorgeous fabrics and tapestries won acclaim throughout Olympus, the curse seemed less of a curse. Even her business partner doesn’t know the truth. Arachne’s weaving derives inspiration from vivid dreams of a stunningly handsome man, her nightly lover and muse. As her spider form becomes more unpredictable, her agitation causes sleepless, and dreamless, nights. Will her new friend, Pandora, be able to help Arachne control the changes?

“Web of Lies” is Arachne and Morpheus’ story and is the fourth of D. A. Henneman’s delightful re-imaginings of the Greek myths. Familiar characters are given an unabashedly modern revision that is fresh, clever, and feels so right that one wishes it was the original. Arachne takes charge of her fate and endeavors to alter her curse. Along the way, she discovers that her dream lover is the God of Dreams and Nightmares. Arachne and Morpheus’ chemistry is ethereally pleasing as befits their mutual talents. But it takes more than chemistry to build a lasting relationship. Trust, respect, and communication require work. Arachne and Morpheus’ intellectual and relational transformation elegantly mirrors their respective magical transformations, elevating this novella to a tender and thoughtful masterpiece.

Joan Lai