Steinar (The Wolves of Clan Sutherland Book 3)


HISTORICAL: Steinar MacDougall is descended from power and nobility. The Pirate Wolf serves King William of Scotland as the sea-loving member of Clan Sutherland. Steinar spies a vessel of the rival Olafsson clan close to his own shores and their two mighty ships face off during a vicious storm. A surprise turn of events has the Pirate Wolf swept overboard and into the clutches of a siren! Only a mysterious bargain saves him, and Steinar ends up on the enemy ship making a deal to steer the Serpents of Olafsson to a magical island where Odin’s treasure awaits. What the world doesn’t know, is that the Serpents are led by a woman. Inga the Ruthless stuns Steinar with her beauty and he and his wolf lay claim immediately. But when treasure and treachery are conquered, will Steinar and Inga’s forbidden love survive the censure of the gods?

“Steinar” is introduced with the energy and passion of an angry, turbulent sea. Mary Morgan draws her power couple with natural intensity. Inga marvels at how Steinar lashes himself to the prow, laughing into the waves as the ocean crashes over him. Steinar is unable to fight his own attraction to Inga’s loveliness and is impressed by her authority over her raucous brothers. Their first kiss, in a stable, is overwhelmingly incendiary. Readers will want to keep water handy for the kindling that goes up in flames, again and again! But while they maneuver through intrigue and secret romance, all the characters seem less dangerous than promised. “Steinar” will please the romance lover who enjoys a touch of magic with their protective alpha males.

Joan Lai