Fade Into The Night (Philly Heat Series book 5)


Serial murders draw Special Agent Noah Danes to the Philadelphia area from D.C.  His work with the FBI had him in the area previously while working another homicide. He got to know Sadie Potter during that previous case, and now he runs into her again while working on the current Beltway Romeo murder investigation. There were sparks flying and chemistry galore between them four years ago, and even though they’d lost touch, there is still something brewing between them. While the murders continue, Noah knows there has to be connections somewhere but cannot come up with them. Sadie is now caught in the middle and he swore to protector her at all costs. However, he may be too late…

Ms. Flade has an amazing talent for spinning suspenseful criminal stories! Her knack for details paints vivid scenes, allowing readers to dive head-first into these books. The heroine, Sadie, is independent, strong-willed, and admirable. Noah is the classic hero who has his own tumultuous past. Their chemistry is off the charts sizzling; e-readers may double as fans! The criminal psychology is fascinating and addicting, leading to much suspense and spine-tingling perfection. This is book 5 in the series and stands alone, however, the supporting cast is from prior books in the series, and readers would likely appreciate their appearance more if the previous books have been read first. “Fade into the Night” will grab readers at the first page and not let up until the conclusion. This is a completely unputdownable hold-onto-your-hat book, that will take readers on a wild and crazy ride!

Viola Robbins