Forever Mine (Book Two)


Reunited and it feels so good… Jenna and Luke have come together again after 13 years of living their own lives right after high school graduation. Jenna is heading to Los Angeles to meet up with Luke, who needed to return for meetings and rehearsals so his band could go back on the road for a final farewell tour, dedicated to his best friend and bandmate who recently lost his life. Jenna has her eight year old daughter in tow, and is so excited for their adventure, she’s started a L.A. bucket list of all the must sees and do’s. Upon arrival, a very attractive woman appears to be ‘finishing up’ in Luke’s master bath/bedroom. Words are spoken and Jenna cannot flee fast enough. Can Luke catch up and repair damages before his second chance leaves him in the dust?

Ms. Crum has built a lovely second chance romance with high drama, suspense, and life on the road with rock ‘n roll icons. This is book two of the duet, following “The Long Road Home”. The protagonists are strong willed, independent characters, dealing with difficulties all throughout this book. The draw and history the two share is deliberate and special. The fear of losing this opportunity – and each other –to forces beyond their control churns on a bit longer than readers need reminding of. The magic between two people that belong together is played up well, as they each contribute their strengths and talents to the cause. Readers definitely need to read book one as it sets the pace for this continuation of loss, love, and rock ‘n roll.

Viola Robbins