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For as long as he could remember Vince LaRue has had to deal with being the only shifter he knew of that couldn't shift. Believing himself to be some sort of hybrid, Vince has become resigned to living a solitary life without love or a family of his own. Besides, what woman wants damaged goods? When Vince is offered a place in the Brookhaven family, it almost feels too good to be true.

Jenn Lesley is a single thirty-something lawyer who is desperate to find a husband. Her “friends with benefits” situation with Walker Booth is the exact opposite of what she's looking for. She wants someone who's stable, dependable and marriage ready. She thinks she's found it in Clark Fuller. But when her Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Wrong, Jenn seeks solace in Walker's arms.

Romance in Napoli

Still reeling from the death of her mother, Katherine Castino is shocked to discover that she has inherited a villa in Italy from a father she's never met. Her newfound fortune includes money, several businesses and a handsome business partner named Dante Batelli. Unsure of what to make of all the changes, or her developing attraction to Dante, Katherine settles into her home.

The Unforgettables
G. L.

Starting over is tough.  It’s even tougher when you move to a new town as a high school senior.  Paul Hiroshima thinks it is the end of his world when he moves to Portland, Maine, until he visits a yard sale and meets Felicia Abelard.  Their love for comic books forges a new bond when the pair learns they are next-door neighbors.  Felica knows all about being the new kid in school, and she’s st

Rachel Riley is a survivor: first as a child in foster care, then bouncing back from an abusive relationship. She has now moved back home to start over yet again.