Kiss Me in the Moonlight (Destined for Love: Europe)


Paige Eldridge is a rather shy, unassuming young woman. When an opportunity arises to take her away from her recent heartbreak, she jumps at the chance. Chaperoning teenagers around Europe challenges her anxiety, but she is willing to take on her insecurities for a change of scenery and her love of history. A sudden change of staff members on the crew puts Paige in an uncomfortable situation. Her ex, Nick, is the new staff member. Can she handle the trip, when personal history will persistently haunt her? Nick is on the run from his job in order to find the answers to a mystery. Seeing Paige is a shock. In his mission to win her back, he will find himself, fighting to keep her safe. 

Conceptually the story presented is quite intriguing. In actuality - the mystery and romance fight for attention, creating fissures in the story line and flow. Paige and Nick are both interesting characters that deserve a bit more attention. The backstory could use more fulfillment before this story is delivered. The reader needs more information to find the mystery fully believable. All in all, the story plays out, but more flesh is needed — something is missing.  Lindzee Armstrong develops strong characters; she knows what she wants to present. This simply did not completely deliver the mystery, even though it definitely delivered sweet romance. 

Penelope Anne Bartotto