Cupcakes and Cowboys (Sunset Plains #1)


Cassidy will never forgive her ex-boyfriend — he used her then abandoned her for Hollywood fame. She’s determined to forget about love and pursue her own dreams this time, starting with her cupcake shop. When  Jase, an actor friend of her former love, turns up at her family’s ranch to research an upcoming role, she takes an immediate dislike to the guy. Her aversion is unfortunate, because Jase takes one look at Cassidy and cannot get her out of his mind. Hollywood calls him back, but the quiet ranch life soothes  his soul, and Jase has to make a choice: fame or freedom? Cassidy must decide if all actors fit her ex’s mold, and whether  her heart’s desire might have one more chance.

A sweet contemporary novella, “Cupcakes and Cowboys” is the first book in the “Sunset Plains” series. As with most novellas, there is little character growth or depth in plot. However the story maintains a steady pace, and the heroine’s emotions in particular jump right off the page. The ex-boyfriend is a perfect jerk, and the hero’s mom could become a fabulous control-obsessed villainess should the series continue with these characters. Cassidy and Jase are placed so well, "Cupcakes and Cowboys" is a great choice for readers needing  a quick, romantic pick-me-up.

Sarah E Bradley