Crown of Solana (Royals of Solana Book 3)


Prince André Miquel Peralta and his sister, Princess Alanna Safira Peralta are fighting to maintain sovereign control over their homeland of Solana. After the Lozano cartel’s attack ravages the island nation they seek aid from the United States government, who in turn seeks control over the country’s main export. Amidst the turmoil both the Prince and Princess seek solace in their newfound romances: André with feisty Gemma Watson, and Alanna with stoic Gabriel Flynn. Flynn wants nothing more than to protect Alanna. Gemma wants nothing more than to kill the assassin who destroyed her life in Texas. Together or apart, the quartet must fend off threats from all directions. Including their own hearts. 

Kudos to Susan Sheehey for her character development! Each and every character jumps from the page — from the minor players to the antagonists and protagonists. André and Gemma are a spirited, dynamic couple; Alanna and Flynn, more subdued, yet fiery. These powerhouse couples drive the story from start to finish. Getting to know them and their full stories by reading the previous novels would be beneficial, however. The mystery that is playing out is at times stymied by predictability, but is otherwise intriguing. Lots of action keeps the story going, but the romance battles with lust and vengeance for solidity. As the finale for a series, “Crown of Solana”, sums everything up nicely. 

Penelope Anne Bartotto