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Alex has her life planned out: marry her best friend, buy the perfect house, have a fantastic and fulfilling career.  Every aspect of the plan is going smoothly until her husband is caught cheating on her — with another man.  Now  Alex must deal not only with the aftermath of a cheating scandal, but also the fact her husband is gay.  She thrusts herself into her career, hoping to find fulfillme

ACTION ADVENTURE:  Robert Garcia is a retired assassin just looking to live out the rest of his days by himself, sailing the ocean.  However, a former acquaintance lures him out of retirement with an assignment to stop a sex-trafficking ring within ISIS. Garcia usually works alone, but discovers that he will have a partner on this mission.

Olivia Cattenach runs  the family ranch in Wyoming. Besides her Aunt Mae, she is the last remaining Cattenach after her brother, Justin, is killed while serving overseas. She finds herself alone and wallowing in grief — that is, until a soldier comes to her ranch saying he was a friend of Justin's. 

This sweet historical romance takes place in 1800s Abilene, Kansas, a town known at that time for being quite rowdy. Lydia Vaughn returns to her hometown as the  new schoolteacher. She is a kind woman, a bit stubborn and  a little insecure due to a leg injury.

Meredith Talbot has a secret. In fact, all of the orphans at Seaton House have secrets. They all have abilities that set them apart from others; talents that would label them as witches if anyone ever found out. Meredith is responsible for keeping the children safe. It's a task she’s always been good at, until marauding Indians force them out of their home and to a nearby fort.