Possessed by a Vampire (Immortal Hearts of San Francisco Book 4)


Rocker Preston Knight has found love with elusive vampire, Lily Grey. Lily did not choose to become a vampire. Preston welcomed the opportunity when offered to him. Loving each other opens doors for Preston and Lily — some to beauty, some to agony. Discovering they share a sire changes everything for the duo. Dorian Sweet holds sway over both Lily and Preston. With the help of his band mates, Preston plots to save Lily and her brother Julian from Dorian's bondage. In the process, he must come to terms with his sire’s dramatic personality shift. 

The fourth book in this vampire saga, “Possessed by a Vampire” keeps the brooding dynamics of the Immortal Hearts burning. Preston is just one more drool-worthy hunk of vamp in this family — but definitely  one to remember. Fans of Anne Rice’s vampires will love this series. Bonus – the book stands alone, but one will WANT to read the others! From character design to world building, Susan Griscom is an artist. Her way with words is so beautiful it should be hanging in the Louvre. Start to finish, Ms. Griscom keeps the reader engaged. The story arc covers so much that a reader might feel overwhelmed, but hanging in there is worth every second. The overall world created for the Immortal Hearts series is so well constructed, and this novel is a perfect addition. Readers will be left wanting more!

Penelope Anne Bartotto