Oath Breaker

Young Adult

Much to her horror, 16-year old Mia's abusive father is killed by a werewolf — right in front of her. With her mother already dead and her brother Zak missing, Mia is now completely alone. When her estranged uncle whisks her away to Hood Academy, where he is director, she thinks it is the answer to her prayers.  Hood is a school for werewolf hunters and Mia fits right in. She soon discovers her own exceptional talent for fighting. However, the longer she resides at the Academy, the more she learns about her mother’s death, the school's secrets, and what goes on behind locked doors, the more fearful she becomes. She meets an irresistible young man in the forest who adds a hint of sweet romance to her life. He also knows of her brother’s whereabouts — can he help her to find him? 

"Oath Breaker" begins with an action-packed opening scene that will grab readers by the throat — and the pace doesn't let up until the very last page!  Mia encounters mystery, adventure, romance, and makes loyal friends on her journey to discover the fate of her mother and missing brother. The reader will enjoy the buildup of tension and suspense, the riveting and likeable characters, the surprising plot twists, and spine-tingling secrets to be found behind the locked doors of Hood Academy. Paranormal YA fans will not want to miss this one — it is a true delight! 

L. Kane