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Strong-minded Cammy Farthingale wants nothing to do with London’s prestigious marriage mart. It’s not enough that she has begged her parents not to send her, but upon running away she is quickly seized by the dashingly handsome Lorcan Brayden as she is headed out of town.

Chasing her wandering ram and dog, Kenzie MacMartin finds herself coming through the backside of a cave to find a group of trespassers mucking up her farmland in the midst of a skirmish. When one of the rogues kidnaps her, Kenzie tries everything to escape this unruly band.

Officer Luciana “Lulu” Martinelli prefers to work alone. Every partner she’s ever had turns out to be a dud, beginning with the first one that broke her heart and disappeared the next day. Unfortunately, her captain - who happens to be her father - has no intention of letting his daughter go it alone.

Katy Anderson is relieved when Sheriff Matthew Logan arrives one day to inform her the father of her three children is dead. Secluded from everyone for the last six years, she is wary of the kindness Matthew shows her and her children but determined to somehow take care of her kids. Matt has always shied away from matrimony in light of his more dangerous career.

HISTORICAL: Jax Diamond has an instinct for trouble and as a sharp, sophisticated, private detective he knows in his gut when something is wrong. When his latest assignment, a Broadway playwright turns up dead, Jax’s instinct screams that what looks like a heart attack is murder. After all, the victim’s new manuscript is missing, and several folks would pay a lot of dough for it.