An Honorable Man for Katarina (Holding Out for a Hero Book 2)


Katy Anderson is relieved when Sheriff Matthew Logan arrives one day to inform her the father of her three children is dead. Secluded from everyone for the last six years, she is wary of the kindness Matthew shows her and her children but determined to somehow take care of her kids. Matt has always shied away from matrimony in light of his more dangerous career. But Matt is immediately taken with the young widow and her determination in spite of the harsh circumstances fate had handed her. However, as Katy learns more of who her husband was, she finds herself uncertain in the face of Matt’s generosity. After so many years of hopelessness, can she find her faith in the Almighty and trust in love again?

A sweet western romance. Katy is a determined mother with little reason to trust. Matt is an established member of the community who wants to ease Katy’s way. The romance between them is a love coming softly approach that warms the heart and soul. Although the conflict is quickly handled, and some of the attitudes and circumstances of the tale are not quite historically accurate, this story tells a solid tale, although it is a quick short read. Overall, readers who want a guaranteed happy ending, renewed faith, and cute characters will want to add this book to their to-read lists.

Sarah E Bradley