Songbird (Jax Diamond Mysteries #1)


HISTORICAL: Jax Diamond has an instinct for trouble and as a sharp, sophisticated, private detective he knows in his gut when something is wrong. When his latest assignment, a Broadway playwright turns up dead, Jax’s instinct screams that what looks like a heart attack is murder. After all, the victim’s new manuscript is missing, and several folks would pay a lot of dough for it. As he begins his investigation, he finds himself drawn to the beautiful rising star Laura Graystone, who seems to be tied into the case, but is not as helpless as she seems. Laura just wants to sing, but when danger begins to follow her, she’ll have to trust Jax and trust her own ingenuity to save them both and find the answers Jax needs before the killer strikes again.

Set in the roaring 20s, New York, “Songbird” is a mystery and romance rolled together. The first in the series, both Jax and Laura are presented as complex characters with plenty of depth to still explore. The plot is driven in two directions, first by the mystery and second the romance between Jax and Laura. The mystery itself has a few twists and turns, with a couple of more contrived moments to bring the investigation to a conclusion that will satisfy the reader. The romance between Jax and Laura sparks from the beginning and amuses to the end but leaves room for further development. Overall, readers who like detective stories or cozy mysteries will enjoy reading about Jax, Laura, and Jax’s dog Ace investigating the murder all over New York and will most likely end this book ready for book two.

Sarah E Bradley