Loving her Highland Thief (Time to Love a Highlander Book 1)


Chasing her wandering ram and dog, Kenzie MacMartin finds herself coming through the backside of a cave to find a group of trespassers mucking up her farmland in the midst of a skirmish. When one of the rogues kidnaps her, Kenzie tries everything to escape this unruly band. Mathias Stronach, the next chieftain of Clan Stronach, can’t seem to wrap his head around where this wandering woman came from or why she speaks the way she does but feels a strong draw to her. Deep into the journey back to the Keep, Kenzie realizes she has crossed through time and landed in the thirteenth century. Far from her family in 2019, Kenzie must quickly learn the ways of the Scottish Highlands in order to survive and not be labeled a witch sentenced to death. But Kenzie could have never foreseen falling for the betrothed Mathias. Is this her new reality or could this all just be a long dream she is destined to wake from?

Transporting the reader to the year 1203, the reader will easily envision the beautiful lochs of Scotland, the foul body odor, and even show frustration at the severely patriarchal society that women must tolerate and accept. Strong-minded Kenzie is just what this century needs to shake things up and show them that women aren’t mere trading pieces used for gain. Intertwining both lovable and rough-edged characters makes the story interesting and keeps the pages turning. While some of the details are not wholly explained such as why some back away from Kenzie upon sight, it still makes for a beautiful love story that transcends the boundaries of time.

Marie Sanderson