The Journey of Love (The Book of Love 12)


Strong-minded Cammy Farthingale wants nothing to do with London’s prestigious marriage mart. It’s not enough that she has begged her parents not to send her, but upon running away she is quickly seized by the dashingly handsome Lorcan Brayden as she is headed out of town. Due to unforeseen weather, the travels back take much longer than expected and Lorcan begins to realize that there is something more to Cammy than just not wanting to be married off. Fearing her reputation soiled, Lorcan knows that he must marry her when they return but what he didn’t expect is that the longer they spend together the more he is looking forward to marrying her. As Cammy slowly begins to let him in on her shocking and appalling secret, will this knowledge bring them to ruin or bind them together even stronger?

A rare, sweet story with small twists that only add to the storyline! Cammy is an intelligent and refreshing character who may tend to overthink things at times which can lead to some humorous moments. This overthinking can also, at times, cause the book to feel as though it is dragging as many pages are spent discussing whether they should or should not marry. Throughout there are references to situations from previous books in the series which seem out of place if this was the only one being read. The secondary characters and villains in the story unfortunately fall flat and come and go so quickly within the pages. Overall, a sweet read of two people trying to make a love marriage instead of one of convenience.

Marie Sanderson