Another Day, Another Partner


Officer Luciana “Lulu” Martinelli prefers to work alone. Every partner she’s ever had turns out to be a dud, beginning with the first one that broke her heart and disappeared the next day. Unfortunately, her captain - who happens to be her father - has no intention of letting his daughter go it alone. So when he assigns her to his latest recruit, a former Boston detective, Dominic Delgado, who is both gorgeous and talented at his job, Lulu smells trouble. When the big-city cop is attacked after his first day on the job, Lulu and Dom find themselves involved in an investigation Dom thought he’d escaped. Then to complicate matters further, Lulu’s ex-boyfriend resurfaces with ties to the case. Teaming up with her old partner and her new one could be dangerous to Lulu’s heart, but with some serious criminals in town, she just might need that partner to watch her back after all.

Lulu suspects Dominic will be trouble when she hears his name, and to a reader’s delight the combo of Lulu and Dominic is more than trouble, it’s pure comedic drama. The story is split between Lulu’s relationships and investigating the criminals that have arrived in Lulu’s quiet Rhode Island town. In terms of conflict, Lulu has a great deal of potential bogged down in inexperience and partner trouble, that are mostly worked through. This growth is supported by the quirky cast of side characters. Although some of Lulu’s decisions are more reckless entertainment than good cop work. Still fans of cop comedies and boy meets girl romances will find themselves caught up in the process and all the hijinks until the end.

Sarah E Bradley