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Titanian’s Phoenix

Maya Brown does not believe in magic… then she and her godmother are kidnapped by elves! Her true heritage revealed, Maya isn’t quite sure what to do when she is freed by an unseen force. There’s no way she can just return to normal. Her godmother begs her to seek out the aid of a man named Soren. When she sees him, she throws caution to the wind and lets him into her life.

Lady Phoebe Smythe was content with her life until she lost everything. A year later, she rents a cottage in Cornwall assuming the guise of a respectable, middleclass widow as she begins to make decisions about her life. What she doesn't expect is to come upon a man half-drowned and shot!

Jacobo's Rainbow

LITERARY FICTION: The story begins as a reflection on the past when Jacobo leaves his isolated New Mexico village to attend the University of Taos. He is unprepared for a world on the brink of social change, and yet finds himself drawn into the orbit of a student protest leader and making friends with a Jewish man and an Indian woman.

WESTERN: As a military vet, Eden Cooper has spent the past five years pouring her heart and soul into Vets 4 Life. When Reid Browning joins the Board of Directors, she isn't sure what to make of him, but she needs all the help she can get. Then a second encounter in Texas changes everything. Spending a month on a ranch is meant to help Eden heal from her time serving in Iraq.

Mermaid Voice (Fairy Tale Series)
Laura Lee

Syrena Evans left her hometown in Louisiana to work in Hollywood. Though she dreams of making it big, she works behind the scenes performing stunts. Her latest assignment is a mermaid epic that takes her favorite book to the silver screen. She has doubts about Caspian Wells being cast as the male lead, but as she watches him bring the character of Destan to life, she's charmed.