All The Right Reasons (Serendipity Falls, Book 2)


Interior designer, Shelby, is about to make her mark on the design world with a huge project. Unfortunately, a combination of both personal loss and business expenses have put her at a low point in her career. Construction company owner, Dane, is also facing some personal challenges when his sensible assistant refuses to become his wife. With both Shelby and Dane scheduled to work on a major renovation, they find themselves offered a contract to have their work filmed. However, the offer comes with a glitch. The couple doing the renovations must be married. With everything on the line, the two agree to an arranged marriage for the duration of the job.

Contemporary marriages of convenience can be very entertaining when done correctly. In this case, the added element of the production company’s requirements literally forcing the main characters into an arranged marriage is a nice twist. The logic, or lack thereof, that the characters use to make their decision is entertaining. However, once the story gets into what should be the main plot, there is nothing new to the trope. The interaction between Dane and his ex-stepmother is unusually interesting and, at times, a bit uncomfortable. The main storyline, however, is predictable. The progression of the relationship between the hero and heroine is consistent, if a little boring. An additional layer of emotion between the two would add to the plot. There are also quite a few grammatical mistakes and missing words.  Readers who like their romances on the light side with little romantic complication may enjoy this story.

N.E. Kelley