Pink Guitars and Falling Stars (Rockin’ Fairy Tales Book 1)


A competition between an A list singer and someone who wants to get to the top… Justin MacKenzie is an indie musician and wants nothing more than to be a star. He enters a competition that pits him against Zeli, a singer with insanely long hair and an amazing voice. Zeli is a pop sensation and everything Justin doesn’t like. What Justin doesn’t expect is to fall for Zeli after a kiss, and see that the life of the hotshot singer is not all that it appears. Both embark on a journey to try and make sure that the real Zeli can step out and be seen. Will they be able to figure out what’s going on and keep their relationship?

This is an interesting take on the story of Rapunzel. Character development is interesting and Leslie O’Sullivan has definitely nailed the initial animosity between Justin and Zeli. As they become closer, the relationship jumps off the page and morphs beautifully. There are awesome love scenes with a lot of description which pull the reader right in and keep a tight grip. Some aspects of the story slow down some, but they are few and far between. As one travels rough the story, the arcs come together for the finale, and the big question of whether or not there will be a happily ever after. A fascinating remix of a popular fairy tale with some very sexy differences. One to add to the e-reader and to be read list!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick