Christmas on Scandal Lane (Christmas Rogues and Scandals Book 1)

Lauren Smith, Dawn Brower, Tabetha Waite,
Nadine Miller, Anna St. Claire

It’s Christmas on Scandal Lane and there are lovers to be united for the holiday season. Dashing gentlemen and their ladies are having liaisons on Scandal Lane, some of them good and some not so good. However there are passionate trysts aplenty.Five stories which bring scandal, murder and love everlasting. There is something for everyone from writers who most definitely know what they are doing.The first story really sets the mood and tells readers everything they need to know about Scandal Lane.  Each story stands alone and are insanely enjoyable.

A number of talented authors have written some beautiful Christmas historical romances with dashing men and the women they desire more than anything. There is an array of very colorful characters that readers won’t forget.Each story has fantastic descriptions and really sets the Christmas mood and brings romance, passion, and some very hot love scenes. To say there is a little sexual tension would be a huge understatement. Fans of the genre will adore this anthology from the very first page. A word of caution, it is most definitely a page turner and could be read in one sitting.

The men in the stories will have readers fanning themselves with their e-readers and there are strong female characters to fall in love with.Despite each story being relatively short, there is so much depth in each of them and the character arcs are awesome. Whether one is a fan of historical romance or romance in general, there is a huge serving of Christmas spirit and two lonely hearts coming together. There is nothing more to be said other than to download this anthology, make some hot chocolate, switch off the phone, get comfy and enjoy.

With a name like Scandal Lane, there is sure to be some sexy shenanigans.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick