Christmas in Silver Leaf Falls (Silver Leaf Falls, Book 6)


Corporate party planner, Vivienne Thompson, has been ordered by her employer to use up some of her vacation time. What better place to spend her unexpected break than with her great-aunt Gertie in the small town of Silver Leaf Falls? Especially during the Christmas holiday season. Single dad, Lincoln Murphy, remembers Viv from their adolescent days when she would visit Silver Leaf Falls, and he would crush on her. As tempting as the thought of a holiday fling might be, Linc doesn’t want to give his young daughter the wrong impression. Fortunately, for Viv and Linc, Gertie has the whole thing worked out.

“Christmas in Silver Leaf Falls” is a sweet, smalltown romance filled with holiday spirit. The descriptions of the town and the activities surrounding Christmas are well done and very colorful. Linc’s interactions with his daughter, Aunt Gertie, and Viv are heartwarming. The supporting characters, like Gertie, are well rounded without overshadowing the two main characters. Once Viv gets back into the swing of the small town, she easily falls in step with the holiday routine. The story does read like a made-for-television holiday movie, which is where it loses some of its luster. There’s nothing that makes it stand out from the others. More depth in Viv’s character explaining why she is so easily able to jump from a corporate whiz to a small town heroine would have been nice. The story is well written and gives one a wonderful sense of community that should carry over into all of the series’ books. Readers who like their holiday romances sweet, if somewhat predictable, will enjoy this book.

N.E. Kelley