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Kit Hanover is a Native American who always wanted to be a police officer. She has a very loving and supporting family who supported her in this endeavor. Kit is a new homicide detective, who is paired with a racist, crusty veteran partner on her first murder case. Her partner continues to antagonize and torment Kit.

Bruce Clynes is a hotshot developer who is working on a new project and wants to tear down trees in the glade he owns near Lake Michigan. Anneliese is a tree spirit, who takes over a human body to stop Bruce from destroying her oak tree – and the other trees. She’s lived in the oak tree for over 300 years.

After defeating four Horsemen and delaying Samael’s escape from a fiery prison in New York City, the Damned are still walking the street with the virus – but continue to evolve. Believing the angelic angels and Mikha’el have deserted them, Jax and Kate are leading a group of survivors to Albany in search of The Sanctuary, which promises protection and a new future.

Divinely Dramatic
Sandra L.

Marcy, creative salesclerk for Divine Vintage, can see auras! Asked to fill-in as costume designer for a community play, she's anticipating the challenge of pulling together period costumes. However, she's not anticipating a prickly, divine looking director with a pulsing red aura and gorgeous girlfriend, or the eerie, luminous white aura in the costume loft.

Emma Lattrell, called home from New York to care for her sick momma during a deadly pandemic, is unprepared for whom and what is awaiting her arrival at Ruby's Ranch. Grown-up and sexy as all get out, Matthew Kincaid waits at the airport to see her home, and catch her up on the family's tragic news.