Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Laura Sampao's family is descended from dragon shifters.  Marco de Silva is a wounded warrior, heir apparent to an ancient dynasty of shifters.  When Laura's heritage begins to manifest itself, she seeks help in Portugal from the Guardians of Lisbon to learn how to control her abilities.  What Laura finds are vampires out for her blood.

MYSTERY:  Cassie Black is a growing sorceress with a caffeine addiction, who is trying to grow her craft and protect the city from dark forces that are infiltrating her town. That she is now guardian to a magical portal is definitely a cause for concern, not to mention she has a murder to solve.

It’s been sixteen years since Dr. Maria Cordova lost her true love in a tragic accident.  All her magic couldn’t bring her the closure she needed to move on, and now with unknown magical threats looming, facing the unknown has never felt so ominous. Maria fears she won’t be able to keep herself or her growing family safe, and all the signs seem to be hinting at disaster.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  When Erin’s soon-to-be-ex-husband dares to show up at her house asking her to quit attending their church because it makes his girlfriend – Erin’s ex-best friend – uncomfortable, her incredulity at his arrogance causes her to inadvertently place a curse on him.

Smoke and Ritual (Book 1)

Arya Frost is feeling defeated. She cannot pass her potion test. She already feels alone without a coven to belong to. Thankfully, she has her two close friends Sapphire and Diego to always fully support her and cheer her up. When a dead white crow suddenly appears in her room, it’s a bad omen for sure. Then another is thrown against her window.