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Sloane Fitzgerald is on the run from the perfect life she had in San Diego.


Amy is a doctor to humans and at night runs a clinic in a barn for the paranormal creatures.

Chloe and Justin are camp counselors at Frog Pond Mountain, where they attended for one summer years ago.  Chloe is a bit spoiled and cannot believe that she is working at a camp instead of working on her social life and tan before she leaves for England. Justin is happy to be at the camp he once attended until he sees Chloe.

Dark Destroyer
Le Veque

MEDIEVAL:  Gates de Wolfe is not a good man. He may be a great warrior, but his use and throwing away of women is despicable. He knows it, and couldn’t care less.

REGENCY:  Lady Elaine is a member of the Brethren, descended from the Knights Templar who have served the Crown for centuries. They are legendary, but no one knows their real identities.