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Waking Amy (Amy #1)

Amy Whitfield is trying to save her marriage, but her efforts are in vain when she comes home to find a note that her husband, Wesley, has left her. Before the information can sink in, however, she gets a call that he’s been in a car accident and is in a coma. She decides to use the time that he’s in a coma to try to be the girl that he would never want to leave when he wakes up.

HISTORICAL:  The Clan MacKay were the infamous Dragon Knights until evil came into their lives, taking the life of their sister and angering the Fae.

Andrea Jamison is a beautiful young girl, wracked with insecurities, who seeks guidance through a five-day challenge to let God work through her life.

Molly Ramsey is a musician with a serious attitude - a truly ass-kicking attitude that has made her a fighter in all forms of life. Married to a marvelous man, mother to twin boys, and making her mark in the country music scene, she seems to have it all. Unfortunately, she also has a history that seems to haunt her.

Angela Anderson always wanted to be a fairy. At the age of five she received a fairy's kiss and was granted a wish. She made her wish and waited, and waited for it to come true.