Two Wyrd (Runespell Series, Book 1)


Nicola is a single mother who also happens to be a practicing witch and psychic.  Her best friend Joseph, also a spellworker with psychic gifts, informs her that her ex and child’s father Keith is involved with a doomsday cult that wants to bring about Ragnarok, the Norse version of the end of the world, and has drawn her stepsister Muriel into the cult.  Nicola and Joseph take off to locate Muriel and get her out of trouble.  They end up the target of demons and team up with a woman who has a powerful heritage as a warrior.  Nicola’s commonplace life is about to be over as she takes up a hero’s quest in order to prevent Ragnarok.

“Too Wyrd” is an urban fantasy featuring a refreshingly ordinary heroine, despite her witchy abilities.  While  a heroine with  plenty of human frailties is novel in the urban fantasy genre, the writing initially skirts the edge of mendacity. The story unfolds as if water set to boil.  Initially, nothing very exciting happens. It takes a while for things to click into place, but the climax is dramatic and exciting. The vantage point of a supernatural world behind the normal world, where demons stalk, and multiple gods exist simultaneously will draw in an initially reluctant reader. The storyline includes interesting tidbits about various spiritual disciplines, and readers with a particular interest in Norse mythology will appreciate the emphasis on Norse myths.  “Too Wyrd” is a promising start to a series.

Danielle Hill