Hunter (In the Company of Snipers Book 14)


An Ex-Marine now part of a special team of covert operators, Hunter Christian is used to expecting the unexpected. Be that as it may, he is thrown for a loop when he comes face-to-face with a ghost from the past. Hunter and his team are sent to the jungles of Brazil to beta test new technology, a camouflage system that renders the wearer invisible. The last person he ever imagined working with is Meredith Flynn, the woman who broke his heart four years ago. However, when mercenaries murder most of her team and attempt to kill Meredith, Hunter has to put aside the pain he carries to ensure the safety of the woman he still loves.

The fourteenth installment in the enduring In the Company of Snipers series, "Hunter" is one wild ride! From the jungles of Brazil to stateside Virginia, readers are treated to cutting-edge technological concepts and thrilling action. Ms. Winters has penned a tremendous tale, full of danger, intrigue and red-hot romance! Hunter is an amazing character. Tough, protective and smoking hot, he is the perfect alpha male. Nevertheless, every interaction between him and Meredith is tinged with an aura of lust, which some readers may find unlikely, given the dire situation. Although written to be a standalone novel, questions arise that could only be answered if one has been following the series in its entirety. All in all, fans will be eager to revisit some old friends while newcomers will enjoy getting to know Hunter and Meredith.

Chantel Hardge