A Different Kind of Lovely: A Novel


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Mina Automne lives in the beautiful world she has created through her love of dance and the discipline of her art.  When Neal Medwin happens upon her in a meadow basking in the warm French sunshine, he knows that this delicate creature is the balm to soothe his troubled soul.   Mina embraces this troubled young man but as her body betrays her, will his love be strong enough for both of them?

“A Different Kind of Lovely” is a poetic bit of prose, as pleasing in its construction as it is in its story.   Mina and Neal are lovers whose faith and commitment are tested by events beyond their control. Each must find the strength to overcome obstacles created by the past and the present in hopes of finding a future together.  The prose is masterful and completely immerses the reader in the story.  Mina and Neal are not perfect, but delightfully human characters that the reader enjoys getting to know.  As Ms. March reveals the many layers of their story, one cannot help but hope that the young couple finds their happy ending.  

“A Different Kind of Lovely” is a unique romance in which the author’s love of writing is apparent to the reader.  Make no mistake — this is not a piece of fluff, but a lovely tale of love and loss, which keeps the reader engaged from beginning to end.  

Gwenellen Tarbet