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FANTASY:  Bailey Meyers wants to be a professional cyclist - it’s her passion. She’s good, but not quite good enough…yet.

Dark Fissures

Private Investigator Rick Cahill has gotten on the wrong side of La Jolla Police Chief Tony Moretti.

Absolute Doubt

Bomb expert Asher Daklin has made it his life’s goal to rid the world of the deadly explosive that killed his younger brother. To do this, however, requires him going deep undercover in the world’s most notorious terrorist organization.

Cora’s Pride
Peggy L.

Ever since Cora’s parents died, she has accepted the responsibility of keeping her and her three younger siblings together and safe - an almost insurmountable task when faced with the continued trek on th

No one from heaven to hell would ever believe it if told - that an angel, a demon and a vampire could be friends.