Rocky Mountain Soul (Roberts of Silver Springs #3)

Kay P.

Erin Fowler left Silver Springs because of a broken heart. When she returns she is in an accident, which brings her face to face with the man who made her leave in the first place. Jackson Roberts cannot believe that the victim of the serious accident is the woman whose heart he broke all those years ago. He still loves her and vows that this time around, he will make it up to her and make her his.

This story is more sweet than steamy — a clean romance, perfect for reading on a lazy or rainy afternoon. The author’s style of writing is easy reading with good flow. However, there just seems to be something missing to hold the reader’s attention. The push and pull of emotions between the two characters is there, with a dash of conflict from an antagonist in the form of another woman (more like a thorn on the side than a full-blown ‘I’ll-make-life-miserable-for-them’ kind of person), but it may not hold one’s attention as much as expected. The spark is there, but it is just that — a spark. The first part of the story looked promising, but  towards the middle the tension seemed to fizzle out. Some readers  might find that it just is not as gripping as they would want or expect it to be, but many readers will find the novel sweet and endearing. 

MP Ceja