The Satyr Prince (The Cursed Satyroi Book 4)


Evander is cursed with immortality and an eternal lust that cannot be satisfied — or so he thinks. The only being that can quiet his insatiable desire is a sexy vampire named Bremusa.  Too bad she is also responsible for the death of Evander’s friend Orestes.  All this and an apocalypse too... what are immortal beings to do?

With scheming gods and unnatural desire set against the backdrop of the coming apocalypse, “The Satyr Prince” gives the reader a stand-alone story, which includes characters and narratives from the first three books in The Cursed Satyroi series.  As such, the author relies a little too heavily on expositional narrative to ground the reader in the storyline.  This use of exposition is distracting and takes away from the events in the novel.  More importantly, the story’s premise that Evander and Bremusa share an overwhelming sexual attraction, while at the same time detesting each other, stretches the limits of believability in a narrative where there is already so much going on.  Evander and Bremusa aren’t fully fleshed-out characters and the reader doesn’t have a chance to develop a relationship with these one-dimensional beings.   

That being said, Ms. Lewis’ great strengths are her tight  writing and her witty dialogue.  These not-inconsequential assets are strong enough to keep one reading “The Satyr Prince” to its conclusion.  For readers looking for a fun read, this one fits the bill! 

Gwenellen Tarbet.