The Agreement (Western Secrets Book 2)


Rachel Warner headed west after her husband’s death until she discovered she was pregnant, and then settled in Denver, Colorado. However, she now needs to move in order to protect her son’s reputation from malicious gossip. When she hears that Warner Ellis, a rancher who lives in the Colorado Mountains, needs a nursemaid for his infant son after the death of his wife, Rachel takes the job with the agreement that it is temporary and purely business. What neither of them anticipates is the instant attraction and desire that springs up between them.

This second edition to the “Western Secrets” series stands alone and takes place in the Colorado Mountains in the late 1800s. With many distracting editing issues, including randomly changing POVs, the plot movement is jarring and can cause the reader to lose focus from time to time. However, the appealing story line keeps the pages turning and the interest high. With strong, likable characters and a plot that moves at a comfortable pace, the witty banter, palpable chemistry, and generous amount of steam are added bonuses to  delight the senses. This historical romance delivers, with sensual tension, smoldering attraction, and pulsating passion that will appeal to historical buffs and romance fans alike. 

Janna Shay