The Laird’s Reckoning (Romancing the Pirate, Book 6)


Birk Bane and Sheena MacRae loved each other once, and planned to do so for the rest of their lives. However, when Birk, second son of the Laird, was accused of a crime he did not commit, Sheena helped him escape without knowing if she would ever see him again. Five years later, Sheena has lost all hope of ever seeing Birk again. She has taken the  cudgels of the clan and is acting as Laird in all but name in an attempt to keep her family safe. Then Birk returns and she has difficult choices to make.

The novel is very well written, the characters well developed. Birk is a strong character with the appropriate amount of desire to resume his life at sea but at the same time feels  the angst of knowing that his decisions will affect his clan on land. For a romance set at a time when single mothers were frowned upon, this twist in the tale makes the story unique. However, it  begs the question of why or how people at the time accepted Sheena as a single parent.  Was it a given that because she was the laird’s daughter that they would turn the other way? Nevertheless, this novel has all the elements of a romantic and swashbuckling adventure. Ms Bray-Weber deftly incorporates the main characters’ inner and outer conflict that tests their mettle when they decide their course of action, while at the same time satisfying a reader’s pursuit of a happily ever after.

MP Ceja