Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult


In advanced societies, humans create marvelous things, but even the most exciting technological advance can have drawbacks. When Maggie Stone begrudgingly agrees to try out the new Vertix H2, an innovated bit of technology that allows its user to interact and control virtual social media, the internet, and every app in a more realistic way, she quickly becomes a fan that cannot get enough.

Ghost Engine

Berd dreams of being the first programmer, but Charles has her beat with his inventing the Ghost Engine.

Rogue Crystal

Avery is on an archeological site with her cousin and boyfriend in a country with deep, unknown ancestral roots. For her, an unsettled feeling presses upon her shoulders whenever she is close to the dig, but it downright pulls her in when a body is unearthed clutching a green sword.

Secrets of Bennet Hall

After the tragic death of one of her students, Adelaide is desperate for work. Worried that this misfortunate will affect her future job prospects, she takes the first offer she gets as a governess. Working at Bennett Hall, however, is more strenuous than she expected.

EPIC FANTASY:  Siblings Everson and Jacquinn “Quinn” Gulagas are accepted into elite schools based on their respective natural talents. Crippled, Everson attends Fallbrandt, the school of engineers and magic, while Quinn goes on to the school for warriors.