Soul Catchers

Young Adult

Wren Lewis wants to be normal. Having magic or Sense is illegal. Unfortunately for Wren, she not only has a strong Sense, but attracts the one thing everyone fears more, a wolf. To kill a wolf is to become the wolf, and when Wren kills the one attacking her mother, she is forced on the run. Wren expects the wolf will soon consumer her, but Liam Stevens has other plans. Liam knows Wren has every reason to hate him, but he’s determined to help. If Wren wants to search for a cure, he’s going with her. However, the government doesn’t want anyone to find out the truth about Sense and wolf spirits, and curing Wren may take them farther than either of them ever thought possible.

An interesting book combining YA Dystopian and Paranormal Romance tropes, “Soul Catchers” is the first book in its series and begins and ends with a bang. Liam and Wren are a dynamic duo, full of faults but with strengths that balance each other out and fuel a sweet romance. The plot is well written, and the steady pace, even dialogue, and nicely balanced scenes of drama and action play out well. Although the romance is predictable, and the ending leaves many unanswered questions, the only real flaw is the lack of character growth. Fortunately, this book is so engrossing readers will find themselves unable to stop reading.  Overall, readers should definitely consider finding out what it means to be Soul Catchers.

Sarah E Bradley