Young Adult

In advanced societies, humans create marvelous things, but even the most exciting technological advance can have drawbacks. When Maggie Stone begrudgingly agrees to try out the new Vertix H2, an innovated bit of technology that allows its user to interact and control virtual social media, the internet, and every app in a more realistic way, she quickly becomes a fan that cannot get enough. Torn between her reality with its complications and the intoxicating technology where she always feels involved and happy, Maggie quickly finds it harder and harder to disconnect. Unfortunately, technology is the newest drug, and if Maggie cannot kick her social media addiction, she will become its next victim.

A masterful tale about how easily addiction can take over even the most successful life and destroy it, “Wired” is set in a slightly futuristic time. Maggie has just gained her dream job, but peer pressure and a desire to enjoy life more end up destroying it all. Ms. Brooke has created a world that is so realistic in its complexity and the character’s motivations, readers will find themselves reconsidering their own social media use. The path Maggie takes from first use to full addict is very realistic in terms of many types of real addictions. The pace, description, and details such as the foreshadowing between the book Maggie is working on and her life is so well done readers will not be able to put this book down or forget this story anytime soon.

Sarah E Bradley