For All to See

Young Adult

Erik spends his days hiding behind his computer, seeking ways to poke holes into the masks other’s wear, to expose the truth for all to see.  Christine puts on a smile for the camera but deep down desires to embrace life and the world around without the glossy finish.  When Christine loses some photos that hold the truth about her dreams, she seeks the help of Erik and his computer hacking skills.  Determined to open Christine’s eyes to the harsh world Erik agrees to dig deep into this mystery only to discover maybe there is still a light in this dark world and maybe he can be loved: scars and all.

“For All to See” asks the questions, “What is more important, truth or kindness?  And is it possible to have both?”  Throughout the novel, each character must answer these for themselves and their discovery makes for a beautiful story.  Erik’s anger and desire to uncover other people’s secrets stems from his own past, and the unraveling of his secrets is intriguing if not a little disturbing.  The way Christine views the world around her and the faith she places in her family and friends will draw readers into her story, rooting for her to succeed.  Ms. Sloan throws the reader into the middle of the action, presenting many questions and few answers, making it difficult to get into the story in the beginning.  The storyline also has a slight stalker-ish vibe that can be off-putting for some readers.  The end result though is a beautiful story of friendship and how with love some scars can fade away.

Amy Cefoldo