Between Silk and Sand

Young Adult

FANTASY:  Seventeen-year-old Saraid, princess of Thekla, is set to marry the ruler of the far off but strategically important land, although she has yet to meet him. On her journey to her wedding,  however, Saraid’s company is hijacked and the princess kidnapped.   At first Saraid is outraged but as time goes on, she grows to admire the people that hold her, especially their determined but compassionate warlord.  Still, her duty lies in escape or her country will be in peril.

Cadel, now leader of the nomadic desert tribes of the Adaihan, is desperately trying to save Saraid from a terrible mistake that will destroy not only her life but also the lives of countless others.  His new ward, however, proves to be a much harder guest to win over than he bargained for.  Although he admires her determination to obtain justice for her people, he knows her loyalty is very misguided.  How can he help and care for her when she is set on a path of destruction?

What an exciting journey this story turns out to be!  The author has masterfully created characters that are both relatable and sympathetic, even if frustrating and uncompromising.  Saraid’s character, while starting strong, does push the bounds of reader acceptance with her stubborn refusal to change, but Cadel is written with so much tenderness that he makes the reading shine.  The world is realistic and the relationships believably written as the tension and conflict ratchets up to an explosive conclusion.  Overall, this is a fantasy lover's treasure!

Ruth Lynn Ritter