A Reflection of Ice

Young Adult

Teen-age Lyra has a tumultuous relationship with her stepmother. After discovering the woman’s affair while her dad is out of town, Lyra escapes to the woods to avoid her stepmother’s dangerous anger. A cryptic musical sound lures her deep into the woods, to a castle made of ice with a winsome, lonely man who welcomes her warmly. The castle is exquisite, with gardens, ballrooms, and all the things that make her never want to return to her miserable trailer part life. At first, Lyra thinks she has found a kindred spirit in her gentle host. However, the longer Lyra stays, the more she learns about her secretive host and his ice castle. 

“A Reflection of Ice” is not a romance: there is no kissing, hugging, HEA, or romantic overtures. This is a young adult story, with a teen female central character, trying to survive an unhealthy home life. Her dad is gone much and her stepmother resents her presence. Initially, the prince and ice castle seem like the perfect place to remain. However, once she finds the dark secret to the ice castle, she learns that sometimes home is the best place to be.  The descriptions of the characters and castle were slightly redundant and the characters all suffered from being a little flat. Readers might be bothered by the dark, macabre surprise Lyra’s host is hiding. However, in the end, she will see what is most important in life in this unique fantasy.

 Emerson Matthews