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FANTASY:  The sins of the father are the sins of the child in the Twelve Systems. Lilian, designated heir by her father at the tender age of 4, now suffers for his crimes.

Medium Devon Daughtry is moving into a house where the previous occupant has simply vanished. Ethan, the previous occupant, believes he is a ghost, but has learned he can leave the house at will. Devon’s best friend Beth is living in a house that has a dark force living in it.

SOUTHERN GOTHIC:  Maddie Baker has come home to regroup after divorcing her cheating husband.

My Sweet Danish Rose
Tina Peterson

HISTORICAL:  In 1863 Berta Erichsen's family plans to immigrate to America and join the other Mormons settling in Utah.  Berta is fifteen years old and very definitely has a mind of her own - and she impulsively decides to stay behind to help an aunt.

Lady Dianna Foxcroft and Miles Radnor, Earl of Winfield, have known each other nearly their entire lives - and been betrothed almost that long.  When their wedding day finally arrives, however, Miles is nowhere to be found.