Aftermath (The Afterworld Saga Book 1) 

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  After losing her father, 17yr old Emma Bennett moves in with her aunt in a new town to finish her senior year of high school.  There she meets a 17-year-old Benjamin Parker, and discovers a deep connection and a sizzling attraction. Ben, an immortal undercover agent, soon has more on his mind than finding and reconnecting with his soul mate, Emma. One of the agents he works with is under threat from a powerful, murderous immortal and his whereabouts are unclear. Meanwhile, Emma worries about fitting in at the new school and is oblivious to the paranormal goings-on, even as she is surrounded by agents posing as classmates and friends.

Told first through Ben's, then Emma’s eyes, "Aftermath" presents a refreshing angle from which love grows, even as the main characters' connection is tested by obstacles. There are an extensive number of personalities to keep straight and the tale itself is a lengthy one; not ending at its seemingly natural conclusion. The brevity of the chapters with shifting points of view may prevent the reader from getting lost in the tale. The use of drugs and alcohol by minors and adults is both alluded to and described. As a whole, the author takes care with regards to description and character development. 

This paranormal story depicts a grim fictional reality balanced with normal high school events. Mature young adult readers (and older) who have patience, enjoy good description, and appreciate an end that does not leave one hanging should not be disappointed.

Heather R. Nielsen