Perfectly Honest


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Dr. Mikaela Finn put herself through school painting house interiors with her friend Margo, who needs help finishing up a job. When the owner of the property comes home, his date jumps to conclusions and leaves in a huff. This leaves Sam in a bind.  He has told a potential employer that he is engaged because there is a perceived stability when an employee is married - and his date has just flown the coop.  The “painter” is roped into posing as Dr. O’Brien’s fiancé for a couple of days.  Who knows? It might give him an advantage.

Set near Lake Ontario, this story is built on the idea that perceived reality is reality, to those who do not know differently. This story moves at a good clip, without stumbling. Circumstances dictate that Mikaela and Sam cannot back out of the arrangement, and things are complicated even further when his parents get involved. His mother, Marla, may bring forth a giggle, while Margo serves as the voice of reason. The plot follows a tried and true formula and, though the author concentrates on the here and now, there is enough of the characters’ personal history for one big aha moment.

Love can crop up when least expected. Description and the ability of the author to weave plausible events together in the characters’ professional and personal lives win one over. To be perfectly honest (pardon the pun), this book is perfectly charming!

Heather R. Nielsen