Kennedy has been lied to all her life - most noticeably by her parents, and as a result has been experimented on, among other things. Now she’s among the were-lynxes. Being a were-lynx herself, one would think it would be home to her. However, trust issues prevent her from fully becoming one of them, and they also prevent the others from fully accepting her. The only one she can’t fully shield herself against is the charming Asher Monroe. 

Asher is a journalist, and uncovering the secrets behind the Nexus Group and their illegal experiments on were-cats is his mission. He’s terribly drawn to Kennedy, but feels a bit wary. Is she a victim or a part of a bigger plot?

Fans of Lynn Crandall’s “Secrets” will enjoy this continuation of the story! Kennedy and Asher are approachable characters, very easy to identify with. Their backstories really contribute a lot to fleshing them out. However, neither they, their relationship, nor the mystery hold enough intensity to thoroughly engage and wow the reader, making it drag a bit. One can’t find a glaring fault in this book; it is quite well written but again, not enough to make it stand out in any way in the veritable sea of romance novels one can choose from. All the elements are there; however, so here’s to hoping Ms. Crandall discovers the secret ingredient and brings it to this lovely and intriguing were-lynx clan!

Mimi Smith