Carpe Demon (Carus Series #3)


Andy McNeilly is in a bit of a bind. Namely, she is forced to serve a vampire she hates, by the side of a werewolf she wants while also thinking about a certain were-leopard. Oh, and yeah, she is a shifter with more than one form and quite a few voices in her head to go along with them. Then, because things can ALWAYS get worse, a demon that might be a part of her past attacks the vampires, and quite possibly humans, taunting her. And then? That’s a good question.

Fun, fun, fun! And it bears repeating: what a fun ride this book is! It’s the third installment of the Carus series, and while that is apparent, it stands quite well on its own. Andy is a fresh and interesting heroine, just fantastic! Surprisingly, the love triangle doesn’t derail or overwhelm the story; it’s clear that a decision is pending and it’s an understandable one. If there is one weakness in this book, it’s that Tristan (the leopard) and Wick’s (the wolf) motivations and characters are a little fuzzy around the edges. They’re both very interesting and different, but they could’ve both used a little more depth, especially Tristan. Otherwise: the action, the world, the origin of the current demon problems and the solution, all get an A. Recommended, but best start with “Shift Happens”. Now… when does the next one come out?

Mimi Smith