The Bionics (Bionics #1)


NEW ADULT/SCI-FI:  The beginning of the 41st century brings to America nuclear war and incredible technology enabling replacement of any part of the human body with bionics. It also marks the birth of a new set of prejudices and fear. War-ravaged people took the chance with bionic additions, only to be hunted down when their enhanced abilities caused fear and repugnance in too many “normals”. Blythe Sol is one of the Bionics. A part of the Restoration Resistance, she fights for freedom and equality. After losing her family, all she has left is her best friend Dax…until Gage comes in and starts stealing her heart. However, secrets kill and they and their friends will face new threats as the rebellion reaches a point of no return.

Ambitious and interesting – a great start to a series! The world isn’t completely set up and settled, but it will intrigue the reader and offer an inspiring backdrop to the central story. Which, unfortunately, boils down to an instant love triangle with splashes of a war for freedom. It was all too fast, too obvious and predictable (especially Gage’s “secret”). Even when the story strays to the big picture it just doesn’t deliver the excitement it needs to. 

As far as storytelling goes, having three different first-person POV characters is rather challenging. Author Alicia Michaels does a good job of this, giving Blythe, Dax and Gage unique voices and thoughts with flashbacks to fill them out. Also, cliffhanger warning! The potential for good sequels is there, all in all, so keep an eye out!

Mimi Smith