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Hatchlings Curse
Helen B.

FANTASY:  Anastasia is the newest and youngest of the dragonshi.  She is able to transform into her dragon soul twin, Jessian, at will. Her mate is Lord Branin Llewlyn, also a dragonshi, and their greatest wish is to have a child. The problem is that all dragonshi are barren.

EPIC FANTASY/SCI-FI:  Owen Sage is more than just a college student. He is a member of the Echo Club, a group that watches over the world to see that none of its enemies successfully take over.

Molly has moved away from London and her past, which includes her mother and her ex-boyfriend.  While riding her horse out in the country, she stumbles upon the stark naked body of Phinn Baxter.

PARANORMAL:  Meara is on a mission to save her ex-boyfriend, Evan. The last time he was seen, he was badly beaten by Ken, his employer, who then kidnapped Evan and took him to his realm under the ocean.

INSPIRATIONAL/MULTI-CULTURAL:  When Andy sets eyes on Darcy, it is love at first sight. Darcy finds him attractive, but is also very aware of the fact that he is six years her junior. She is landscaping the high school, getting it ready for her high school reunion.