Beneath the Skin (The Skin Quartet Series)


College student Melissa Dermot is writing her dissertation on tattooing as an order to obtain her PhD. in anthropology. Needing to complete her interview with tattoo artist Bella Bell in order to finish her thesis, she is stymied when Bella goes missing and attempts to investigate. Reclusive billionaire Aristides Stavros is also looking for Bella, but because she is his sister who is being held for ransom by his old enemy. Melissa and Aristides’ searches for Bella has them colliding at every corner, and Aristides isn’t totally convinced of Melissa’s innocence in the kidnapping. However, sparks fly when the mutual attraction between them threatens to ignite. 

This beauty and the beast rendition is not the usual approach to romantic suspense, but it captures the interest and engages the reader with a good story line. The characters are engaging, however with a too quick and intense attraction between the protagonists, the reader questions the credibility of the instantaneous and deep enchantment, considering the heroine’s first thought was that the hero was “ugly as hell” and refers to him as “Monster Man.” Along with some editing issues that need to be addressed, the story doesn’t flow as smoothly as it should. Nonetheless, the plot draws one in with suspense, twists and turns, sizzling chemistry, and smoldering romance. This suspense-laden love story will appeal to readers of many genres and leave one satisfied as they reach the conclusion to this intriguing and entertaining read.

Janna Shay