A Witch's Journey (The Lobster Cove Series)


Using magic causes nothing but problems for witch Pepper McKay. Fortunately, she has her love of wildlife rescue and rehab to keep her content. However, when she is no longer welcome in Salem and the funding for the Salem Wildlife Sanctuary becomes endangered because of her employment there, she decides to move, even though she’s short of funds. When an unexpected boon comes in the form of inherited property in Lobster Cove, her lifelong desire to build her own wildlife center becomes a possibility. And with handsome handyman Lathen Quartz’s offer of help, her dream is attainable. The chemistry between them can’t be denied, but the secrets they keep hidden could hinder love.

This fascinating paranormal romance entrances the reader from the very beginning, enticing one to turn the pages to get to the happily ever after. However, with fragmented sentences and shifting points of view, one’s focus is difficult to maintain at a steady pace. The characters are engaging and easy to relate to, but the flow becomes bogged down with a little too much detail that doesn’t progress the story line. Although there is no conflict to speak of, the plot is enough to perpetuate the interest, rewarding the reader with a tale of love and magic that’s laden with sizzling sexual chemistry, a few surprises, and a romance that satisfies the senses. With a resolution of the issues, this novel has the potential to become a terrific romantic novel.

Janna Shay